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I’d like to point out that these are genuine physical products, drawn by a machine, with pens, on paper or other desired surface. As much as I try to perfect every stage of the production, some factors such as the viscosity of the inks used, and the tightness of the pen nibs will determine slightly different outcomes in the thickness of lines. This is part of the process and is seen as an ‘autograph’ of the machine.
Each artwork has a limited amount of reproductions, this is listed per product since this differs per product.
Each work can also be produced as a custom design with custom colors and in varying sizes, please keep in mind that custom orders are more expensive since they take more effort to produce.

All practical information about how a work is produced and delivered and other information can be found here, it is important to read this information before placing an order.

  • Geometric Plots

    Geometric Plots (19)

    This category lists all geometric artworks. However, I should note that most artworks on this website could be considered to be geometric.
  • Multicolor Plots

    Multicolor Plots (17)

    Anything multicolor, for when you want something colorful. And to be honest, who doesn't?
  • Portraits

    Portraits (2)

    Anything to do with portraits. Known and unknown portraits. Humans, animals, etc.
  • Single color plots

    Single color plots (4)

    Keep it simple! Sometimes the nicer choice. These artworks are all made with a single color.