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  • Post published:March 31, 2022

All practical information about the purchase, production and delivery of an art piece:

Welcome! I’d like to point out that these are genuine physical products, drawn by a machine, with pens, on paper or other desired surface. As much as I try to perfect every stage of the production, some factors such as the viscosity of the inks used, and the tightness of the pen nibs will determine slightly different outcomes in the thickness of lines. This is part of the process and is seen as an ‘autograph’ of the machine. Each artwork has a limited amount of reproductions, this is listed per product since this differs per product.

  • Most art pieces are physically in stock however, usually there is only one copy of each work present so it might happen that a work needs to be created when an artwork is ordered. Please keep in mind that an order will usually be shipped within a few days from placing the order. This is because the stock indication only indicates if copies of the artwork can still be sold. Each copy is handmade by me, together with a drawing machine. Up to the point where is has reached it’s maximum allowed number of reproductions.
  • Each work can also be reproduced as a custom design with custom colors and in varying sizes, please keep in mind that custom orders are more expensive since they take more effort to produce. A custom order is requested through the contact form. Depending on the wishes I will either reply with more questions to make sure we understand each other and when everything is clear, a new price estimate will be sent via email and a delivery agreement will be arranged.
  • For shipping, the artwork is rolled up in a tube whenever possible. It is best practice to unroll the artwork immediately upon receiving it.
  • Only artworks that are shown in a frame come with that frame, and the price is for both the frame and the artwork within. In this case the artwork will of course not be rolled up in a tube. The preferred method of shipping would be to do a local pickup of the work whenever possible since frames contain a glass window, making them particularly fragile. Of course, A5 or A6-sized works are safer to ship than A4-sized and larger.
  • Artworks that are not shown in a frame are not sold with a frame.
  • Most works have a reproduction series of 10. If a customization is not requested, the works will be delivered according to the colors in the product’s photography. Customization of colors will raise the price, as mentioned before, if customization is desired, send a message through the contact form.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the paper weight will be a high quality and sturdy 205 or 250 grams/cm2 Bristol paper.
  • All artworks have a specified paper size in their description, if a different paper size is desired please place a custom order through the contact form.